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Welcome to my small world after all!!


I'm a creative designer that has been interested in the art field since I was a little Texan (I will always be a Texan). I have created brand identities for clients in the USA & UK.  My creativity can be seen in the assortment of projects, both old and new, design work is updated at frequent intervals.


I am located in beautiful, sunny Chandler, Arizona.  I create strong designs for brand identity, including labels, brochures, logos, ads, posters, POS & music CDs.  I have worked with both large and small companies.  When not working on graphic design, I'm spending time with my family and pets.  Currently, my personal project is creating a children's adventure book for my two little boys.  The whole family takes part in the adventures including our Four-Legged Flying Aces.  You can see some of this work on his "PERSONAL" page.


Feel free to look around my website.


highlights   of   my   creativity


15 years experience in graphic design

Extensive experience managing design projects from concept through production

Experience in the design of advertising, marketing materials, packaging materials and point-of-sales materials

Experience developing specifications, negotiating contracts and working with printers, film shops, packaging vendors

Responsible for creation, design and production of all art for a successful human nutraceuticals company with multiple product lines

Developed all promotional materials including print ads, brochures, posters, point-of-purchase materials and flyers

Responsible for conception, design and development of uniquely-shaped boxes for product containers

Developed all packaging art including art for outside packaging and container labels

Developed all product displays for in-store use including shelf displays and floor displays

Developed all booth displays for trade shows

Developed all mock-ups for new products

Developed all vehicle wraps for vans, SUV's, tour buses and anywhere from 1-12 Bay Trucks

Developed all labels for a beverage drink from tea to lemonades

Designed covers and inserts for full-length CD's and CD singles that are currently available for sale in Europe, Japan and the United States

Designed "Limited Edition" tour posters and music touring materials from clothing to back stage passes, bass drum artwork, etc.

highlights   of   jaxson's   creativity

crayons, paint, play-doh, blocks & mud.

highlights   of   jude's   creativity

master with crayons, markers, chalk & dirt

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