Creating  the  Design  Work  I  Dreamed


Welcome to my small world after all!!


I'm a creative designer that has been interested in the art field since I was a little Texan (I will always be a Texan). I have created brand identities for clients in the USA & UK.  My creativity can be seen in the assortment of projects, both old and new, design work is updated at frequent intervals.


I am located in beautiful, sunny Chandler, Arizona.  I create strong designs for brand identity, including labels, brochures, logos, ads, posters, POS & music CDs.  I have worked with both large and small companies.  When not working on graphic design, I'm spending time with my family and pets.  Currently, my personal project is creating a children's adventure book for my two little boys.  The whole family takes part in the adventures including our Four-Legged Flying Aces.  You can see some of this work on my "PERSONAL" page.


Feel free to look around my website.


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Updated - 01/2021

Professional  Creativity  Experience  and  Thinking  Outside  the  Box


Photoshop - Illustrator - 3D modeling/ rendering - Pencils, Markers, Crayons, Chalk, Glue & Paper . . . . . . . "Clay! Don't Forget The Clay !"

"What more do you need to create cool artwork.  If you know how to use these items you can create the world."

It's  Not  All  About  Photoshop


5 Rules I Believe In To Be A Successful Graphic Designer:


Love What You Do

Make Your Own Inspiration

Make Your Work Your Play

Never Slow Down the Flow of New ideas

Always Make Time for Family

What  I  Imagine,  I  Can  Create


WORK: You will find the new & old brands/ packaging I have worked on for clients.  From label designs, packaging to POS, this is the page you will see the completed artwork.


CONCEPTS:  This page is about bringing imagination into form: genuine 3D models, drawings and other cool ideas.  Like all creative people, I need to create. I need to keep the mind fired up with fresh ideas.  See what I've come up with recently.

PERSONAL:  This page is focused on some of my personal work, created just for the fun of it.  It features design ideas for “The Flying Chronicles of the Littles” . . . an adventure story with fighter planes, tanks, flying subs and the Evil Max Claw!


BLOG:  You will find a little highlights of some of the new projects or just something cool I wish to share.

Creating  The  Life  I  Love


I find ideas in the small things we do every day.  Here on my blog "I DON'T HAVE TIME TO SHAVE MY LEGS" you will find some fun photos/ images of my life.  It may not be apparent now, but something there will be inspiration for a future creative projects.

Why  Yes,  I  Am  Accepting  Projects  At The  Moment


Let's Talk!

Hermes Gold Winner 2018: TOPBit Food

New and In the Works

New and In the Works - Personal

Christmas Card 2020 - The Flying Chronicles of the Littles - Dark Waters of the Hidden Labyrinth.

CEO - CLEAN ENERGY ORGANICS  - Full Re-Brand of the product line

SENOR PAPAS - Potato Chips / Sea Salt and Con Chile y Limon

STIVO - Squeezed Juice - Product Re-Design and Tradeshow Booth Concept

BONTA - LIVE. DRINK. WELL. - Bonta - Plant Based Beverage 3D Models/ Renders Only


TOPBiT FOODS - PROTEIN FOOD TOPPING - Full Re-Brand of the product line

TOPBiT FOODS - PROTEIN FOOD TOPPING - Full Re-Brand of the product line

1st Theme song for the Christmas Card 2020

3rd Theme song for the Christmas Card 2020

WHOLE FOODS - Cold-Pressed Juices

GARDEN of FLAVOR - Van Wraps & Cold- Pressed Energy

DAHlicious Organic - India- Style Yogurt- 3D Renders and POS

DAHlicious Organic- India- Style Yogurt -  3D Renders and POS


2nd Theme song for the Christmas Card 2020

Muse Gold Winner 2019: TOPBiT Food